The Research, Advocacy and Advisory Services (RAAS) programme of the LRC allows for a broad investigation into social issues from a human rights perspective. As the programme name suggests, alot of legal research is done, advocacy on law and policy and also provide advisory services to different stakeholders.  An important project under this programme is our international lawyering internship programme which involves the exchange of knowledge and ideas on grassroots human rights work through international technical assistance. Institutions or individual students apply for internship placements at the Centre. Most applicants volunteer travel and living expenses to obtain afirst-hand experience in grassroots social development. The output of the interns is integrated into the research, advocacy and advisory work of the LRC.

Projects under RAAS programme include:

  • Ensuring Access to Justice through awareness creation and running of legal aid clinics for the poor and marginalized population in selected regions in Ghana
  • Right to Health Project
  • Paralegal training for Women in West Mamprusi and Bongo Districts
  • National Slum Upgrading Project
  • Parliamentary Advocacy Project (PAP)
  • Project on Capacity Building for Effective Deployment of the Rights Based Approach to Development
  • Action Research Project
  • Anti – Human Trafficking Project
  • LRC- Friedrich Ebert Foundation Watchdog Series
  • Natural Resources Project