The Natural Resources Project seeks to protect the rights of citizens living in the oil communities of Ghana. We are conscious of the exploitative nature of the oil industry and our mission is to educate members of these said communities specifically regarding their rights and laws that govern the exploitation of these resources. In order to alleviate any tension that may arise between the communities and the government, the LRC is also formulating ways to incorporate community interests into government policies. To ensure that the rights of our citizens are protected and upheld, we have strategized activities such as corporate sensitization and media outreach. As a member of the Coalition on Human Rights in Oil and Gas (CHROG) LRC has made presentations on Human Rights in all the six (6) oil mining districts.

CHROG is a coalition to enhance sustainable development in the oil sector in Ghana and to ensure the effectiveness of civil society through harnessing the synergies of identifiable human rights CSOs working in oil and gas and / or related aspects. CHROG has the following objectives:

  1. To promote, defend and protect the rights of citizens impacted by oil exploration and production in Ghana
  2. To provide the platform for good corporate citizenship in the oil sector through stakeholder dialogue
  3. To lobby and hold government accountable on oil and gas revenue
  4. To serve as an intermediary between community, industry and government with the view of bringing communities to the dialogue table to contribute to discussion of issues that affect their lives.