Project Title: “Strengthening The Judiciary To Deal With Human Rights Abuses During Election 2012

This project with funding from DFID, USAID, DANIDA and EU Ghana seeks to strengthen the judiciary system through LRC’s collaborative efforts with the Judiciary to deal with election disputes and offenses that may arise quickly and effectively. LRC is working collaboratively with The Chief Justice’s Office and the Judicial Service as well as other stakeholders under the project to achieve the goal stated.

As a follow up to this project LRC is further embarking on an elections related project called

Project Titile: Elections 2012: Truth be told in the year 2013.

This project seeks to have selected election related cases published in the media thoroughly investigated and published for the good of the public. Most election related stories reported by the media are left ‘hanging’ in the minds of the populace. One is not sure for example what happens to persons who commit offences under the Election Laws of the country.