The Voices of the most marginalized in our communities are our utmost concern. In collaboration with the Ghana Community Radio Network (GCRN) LRC is facilitating the establishment of two community radios in the West Mamprusi and Bongo Communities respectively under the project: The Right to Communicate Through Community Radio. Community members are enthusiastic and are seeking support for the realization of this initiative. At the moment the registered names of the radio stations are: Gbewaa Community Radio located at Walewale and Radio Bongo in Bongo. 

A 100m x100m plot of land was acquired at Gurugo in Bongo District where the radio station would be set up, a building plan was produced by GCRN, all documentations on the said land have been completed and awaiting construction by the district assembly which has agreed to put up the structure.

Gbewaa Community Radio have secured 4 plots of land donated by the Chief of Loagri for the building of the community radio. They have also opened accounts for fundraising activities.

Frequency applications have been filed with the National Communication Authority.