Experienced lawyers offer legal aid to indigents, most especially in the Nima/Mamobi community. We also offer Alternate Dispute Resolution sessions to willing clients who opt for this form of dispute settlement. Cases of public interest have also been taken up by this office

The training of Community members especially women in various communities such in Nima/ Mamobi, Bongo and Walewale. Women are trained on the Ghanaian Legal Systems, Child rights, Criminal Law, Family Law, Labour Law , Human Rights, Legal Aid

Research into Human Rights issues such as Child Trafficking, Health Issues under the National Health Insurance Scheme, slum communities and patronage of the Legal Aid Scheme. The LRC conducts base line study, collects data and analysis information

Strong commitment to the protection and provision of human right which are inherent rights of the people. We strongly believe that children and women are entitled to conditions that are suitable for their peaceful existence. We therefore undertake projects such

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We welcome you into our newly re-designed website! The website has been designed to make it easy for you to locate information and be appraised with current issues of the organization and the nation as a whole.

We are inspired with the need to the delivery of services in ensuring the rights of people are met. With current and past projects the LRC is fully equipped in assisting the needs of the marginalized in the community.

We hope information such as research, innovative ideas, statistics, coalition with our partners and other stakeholders helps strengthen policy and practice; we’ve rebuilt our site to make it much easier to find and share resources


At the LRC, we seek to ensure human rights for all. We work towards the promotion and protection of the rights to Health, Education, Housing, Work, Participatory Democracy, Personal Liberty and Criminal/Civil justice. These are carried out through public human rights education, community mobilization activities, legal aid, alternative dispute resolution services, action research, advocacy and publication.

Central to the LRC’s work are the campaigns and projects for the promotion and protection of human rights through innovative community mobilization strategies, public interactive human rights education, lawyering techniques and research and advocacy at the local, national and international levels.

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