Projecting, Protecting and Promoting the Rights of Prisoners (OSIWA)

This project titled Projecting, Protecting and Promoting the Rights of Prisoners was a year’s project from August 2002 to August of 2003. A total number of 2,000 questionnaires were administered to inmates of James Fort Remand Prison, Nsawam Medium Security Prison, Tamale Regional prison and the Navrongo Regional Prison. The project was designed to address the following objectives:

    1. To conduct research into prison sector reform;
    2. To work with policy makers to periodically review the regulatory framework for the prisons sector;
    3. To increase awareness of the rights of prisoners and promote respect for those rights;
    4. To provide legal aid to indigent persons in prisons awaiting trial or appealing against wrongful conviction- the target is to provide legal assistance to about 500 prisoners and persons in police cells and other detention centres;
    5. To assist in monitoring the conditions of prisons and of prisoners and ensure that prison authorities comply with existing regulations meant to protect prisoners’ rights;
    6. Lobby for increased attention and funding leading to a comprehensive reform of the prisons sector; and
    7. Establish a coalition of governmental agencies and NGOs working in the prisons sector for the reform agenda.