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The LRC, with support from the State of Netherlands, is launching a project aimed at raising awareness of how human rights apply in business settings dubbed “Promoting Human Rights Awareness in Business” as part of our goal to influence national institutions to be more transparent, accountable, human rights oriented and consistent.

The project seeks to educate Ghanaian university students, who will be future employers and employees, about the rights and duties of businesses owed to its employees and the Ghanaian society at large under international and Ghanaian human rights law. This is important because although Ghana is experiencing economic growth and a reduction in poverty levels, there has been a rise in human rights violations in work-related settings since the labour regulatory system in Ghana is currently still not adequate. To address this issue, the LRC will draw up a curriculum for a human rights and business module for both undergraduates and graduates, which will initially be taught at GIMPA on a pilot basis.

The Launch ceremony comes of at the McDan Moot Court, Faculty of Law, GIMPA on Tuesday, 28th August 2018, at 2:00pm.

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